Sunday, July 4, 2010

life in Utah...

Haven't updated since we have been back in Utah so thought we better catch up....
We are still working at Mountain Homes Youth Ranch.... I love it..... and Aron is
searching for something else.... He has an interview for a wildlife biologist in Filmore, UT
on Thursday.... We are really enjoying having Brady here..... our summer is just starting to
get in full swing... We went camping for the 4th and had a really good time we went on a beautiful 10 mile hike ( I burned 2934 calories Thank You....) haha Hatch is STILL growing
and now weighs 75 pounds... he is getting so big but still likes to act like a puppy... he had
a little accident last week which made me cry at the vet because we had to leave him to
get stitches....... but overall life is going good....

Our nephew Nixon... he stands on the table because he is affraid of Hatch

The view from our deck

Ar with his birthday present....

Hatcharooko all tuckered out after our hike....

View on our 4th of July Hike


I finally got Bauer boys to actually touch each other in a picture.... miracle I know....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ready or not..... here we come!

Alaska adventure...... check.... whats next on the list I don't know..... We are now back in Utah after a long Long drive back to the homeland. We loved living in Alaska..... that is up to the part where we ended up living in a third world country terrified to leave our cabin due to the outrageous bear population. We could of moved to a different part of Alaska but we were just ready to come home.... its like when you go on vacation and no matter how beautiful it is or how much fun your having there just comes a time when your ready to go home and so here we are back to square one haha We are glad to be back and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


If there was a heaven on this earth it would be called Hoonah. We live in a Plant Earth Episode. Hoonah is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Its beyond explanation. We arrived in Hoonah at 11:30 Sunday morning and I was so nervous as we got closer and closer because its one thing to have a dream of moving to a remote location and living this far out adventurous life but the anxiety of the ferry crawling closer and closer to this piece of land poking up from the ocean floor all the while your whole life is right next to you and what is left over is down on the cargo deck and it kind of gives you this feeling of adrenaline/fear/anxiety/hope/excitement but all that comes out is “holy shit” and then we got here…… We have three and a half miles of roads needless to say we won’t be buying gas anytime soon. We live in our childhood dream treehouse. Seriously…. It has a ladder and everything. It’s a brand new cabin and it is so beautiful. But my favorite part by far is the porch. You wouldn’t believe the view if I told you and the picture I’m going to put up here won’t do it justice. Hoonah is very small and a lot of the houses remind me of something I’ve seen on the news after a natural disaster. The people here are so nice. I walked to the post office and people literally stop there cars and pull over to ask me who I am. Everybody knows that we are new to town and everybody knows everybody. There isn’t much on the island there is a Market and a Hardware store there is two restaurants a laundry mat and a post office and a little airport down by the boats. Although its small we really have been able to find everything we need. Aron has to go to Kodiak Island for training for a week and he leaves tomorrow. Needless to say I am not looking forward to being home alone. We really really like Hoonah so far and I think we will like it even more when we get into the swing of things and get all settled in.
Sorry its taken me so long to post there isn’t a lot of internet activity around here. Until next time……

This is the view from our deck

This is the Marina down by Arons work

Hoonah Market and the one and only gas pump in town

our cabin

the view from our cabin

Friday, January 29, 2010

Alaska Move Take Two...

We have departed from the wonder winter land of Willow and have come to shore in rainy Juneau. It is 37 degrees here in Juneau and very humid. It feels like we are on a different continent its hard to believe we are in the same state. We started our move on the 27th, we drove to Haines where we stayed in an old but clean motel. We ate at a restaurant right on the water okay thats not exactly true we walked to the restaurant Aron went inside and got a menu and I stayed outside with the dog because heaven for bid Hatch has to stay by himself for ten minutes haha so we got take out Fish and Chips and holy comoley it was so freaking good! Hatch did really good on the drive. Aron made a little spot for him in the back seat of my car in the middle and he loves it but he has a hard time sitting by himself. He always has to be touching me. Sometimes its his paw on my head or his head on my shoulder. We got on the ferry this morning which was pretty interesting its amazing how many vehicles they can put on the boat. I had a really hard time leaving Hatch in the car. You have to leave your pets on the car deck and you aren't allowed to go on the car deck when the boat is going which is a really stupid rule if you ask me but Hatch did really good and I felt so bad for having to make him stay down there so on the ferry they had little packets of peanut butter so I took some and gave them to him. The ferry was pretty good sized there was a cafeteria, a solarium, a little theater room, and an observatory. Aron is constantly talking about his dad and how he can build just about anything and when we got on the main deck Aron looked at me and said "my dad helped built this boat" and of course I was like okay right sure he did but then he showed me this builders plack and sure enough the damn boat was built right in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin apparently PBI built two ferry's what were the chances of us getting on one of them I couldn't believe it actually I could because if there is anyone I know who could build that big of a ship it would be my father in law so Aron called him and apparently he was 19 years old and put in the windows. So we thought that was pretty cool. We will be in Juneau until Sunday and then we are off to our new home in Hoonah. Aron has to go down to the cop shop tomorrow to fill out a bunch of paper work and then I have no idea whats on the agenda we are staying at a really nice hotel its hard to believe they allow pets here but apparently they do and I am terrified that Hatch is going to break something but so far every hotel has had two queen size beds and we secretly lay out his blanket on the other bed and let him sleep on it haha it is so freaking cute he sprawls out with his legs stretched out fully and he snores and we just think it is the funniest thing so before you sleep on your next hotel bed just think of how many dogs have slept on it as well haha until next time.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peace Out Willow

so here we sit once again with no furniture on the hard wood floor in our empty house with everything we own half ass organized puzzled together in our vehicles..... moving is SO fun. haha today is our last day in Willow. Tomorrow we will be on the road that is covered in sheets of ice back to the wonderful land of Canada but lil does Canada know that I have already filled out all the correct forms got all the right certificates and have my travel coffee mug prepared jokes on Canada this time....... We will be traveling to Tok Alaska tomorrow it should be a six hour drive however we will have to see how road conditions are. Aron got a phone call this morning saying that his background check has cleared and we now officially have the job.... you have no idea how stress relieving that was seeing how we quit our jobs days ago, already paid for our hotels and ferry rides, and have everything we own stuffed in the vehicles ready to move there haha I went to the post office today to cancel our P.O. Box and when the lady asked me where we would be forwarding our mail to I told her Hoonah and she stopped writing looked up at me and said "huh nobody ever moves to Hoonah" thanks lady. Everybody has given us a pretty 50/50 your gonna love it/ your gonna hate it so we are very anxious to get there and check this place out! Aron starts work on the 1st. We will arrive in Hoonah on the 31st and then Aron has to leave on the 7th for a week to go to some training on Kodiak Island. we will update as soon as we can until then let the adventure continue.......

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So update on Hatch.... He is pretty much the coolest dog ever and we just love loVE LOVE him... when Aron goes to work me and hatch practice tricks and he is doing so good. He can sit, stay, shake, and lay down! It is so fun to teach him and watch him learn. Next I'm going to teach him "a little to the left" because I think it would be so so hilarious and I'm also going to teach him to "show your teeth" haha ........ well I am done with work now for the rest of my life... my career is now over and I am now a stay at home wife ha guess we will see how long that lasts. Aron's last day is tomorrow and then its time to pack and head off to Hoonah!

Hatch loves my clothes.... I fold them and then this is what happens aahhhh!!!!!!

Five in the morning picture

Five in the morning picture

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Transition

Well well here we are again back in transition mode AGAIN.... as Aron says "transition mode sucks!" I've decided why we move so much ...... its because I haven't bought enough stuff... all of our belongings still fit in our two vehicles this is a problem I have decided so when I find a place I don't want to move from I'm just going to start buying stuff then we won't be able to just pack up and move on the fly ha we have no food in our house..... okay thats not true but all we have left is meh food and for those of you who don't know what meh food is it is the food that when you ask your husband what he wants for dinner and you tell him everything you have and he just says "meh" ya know like meh I'de rather go to bed starving and die then eat that or better yet attempt at cooking something myself ..... why the hell you buy that in the first place.... thats what meh food is and that is what we are eating and as Aron says "transition mode sucks" haha So hatch got sick this week.... it was awful... we went to the vet and got his shots he did really good at the vet however I didn't the vet had the nerve to tell me that I am a bad parent and I spoil my puppy and I don't discipline properly well excuse me sir that my four month old puppy is just that a puppy and gets really excited and barks and runs around oh and my favorite he told me that we hadn't properly socialized him um... excuse me socialize.... obviously this vet doesn't understand that we live in Willow me and aron aren't even social how the hell we suppose to get the dog to be geez and the fact that were moving to a native village on an island isn't exactly going to help the socialization factor what an idiot and my favorite thing at the end of our visit he tried to sell me puppy training classes so in all reality I'm not a bad parent yes I do spoil hatch but all he was really trying to do was make extra cash with training classes. Like the 150 bucks I had to pay him for our 45 minute visit wasn't enough I didn't even want to take him to the vet in the first place but freaking Canada has to have papers for my dog to ride on there road system for fourteen hours so we will just add this to the list of reasons why I hate Canada..... oh and PS hatch didn't get sick until after the vet hhhmm... thats interesting We will be done with work on Friday which will give us the weekend to load up the vehicles and be on the road by tuesday or wednesday and if all goes as planned we will arrive in Hoonah on the 31st luckily for us I have a friend who has a friend who lives in Hoonah and they just happen to have a small cabin for rent so that is where we will be living for the next who the heck knows long......